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 Hi, I'm Brittany! 

an award-winning, bestselling author and toddler mom.

Brittany is not your ordinary mom and teacher. She's on a mission – a mission to teach empathy and bring families closer together through the magic of storytelling.

As a devoted mother of three and an experienced educator, Brittany understands the power of a good story. Her love for teaching and nurturing young minds inspired her to embark on a creative journey, writing heartwarming children's books that touch the hearts of both kids and parents alike.

Brittany believes that empathy is the cornerstone of building strong, loving relationships, and she weaves this essential lesson into every tale she pens. Her stories are like bridges that connect the hearts of children with the hearts of their families, fostering understanding, compassion, and connection.

Join Brittany on her mission to make the world a more empathetic place, one story at a time. Her books are more than just pages and words – they're invitations to explore the wonderful world of feelings, relationships, and the bonds that tie us all together. So, gather around, and get ready to embark on a heartwarming journey with Brittany Plumeri as your guide.

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