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FREE Printable Snack Mat For Toddler + Activities

Snack Mat for Toddlers

Make learning FUN with a snack mat for toddlers!

As an elementary school teacher, I am constantly looking for ways to help my kids enjoy learning. One of my tried-and-true methods is snack mat activities. Those little placemats don't just reduce mealtime mess--they can also entertain your kiddos with educational fun!

One of my toddler's favorite snack mat activities involves this color match mat that I designed last year. It's a fun way to ring in the new year while also helping with color and number recognition.

Snack mat for color match toddler activity

How to use the snack mat for snacktime fun

Here are two fun activities to do with this snack mat for toddlers. Just print the graphic out and laminate it, and then you can reuse it again and again!

Find the Color:

Ask your kiddos to trace the numbers with whiteboard markers, and to name the colors shown on the mat. Then, look around the room to find objects in the same colors! What can they find that's yellow, green, red, and blue? This is an easy one for just one child to enjoy or to use with a whole classroom of kiddos.

Colorful Snack Time:

What's better than snack time? Not much. But what's better than string cheese and M&Ms at snack time? Absolutely nothing!*

Here's a fun way to use these snacktime faves for more color and number recognition.

Take a string cheese and pull it apart, then use the "strings" to outline the numbers on the mat. Next, pour a handful of M&Ms into a bowl. Your kiddos should match M&Ms with the colors on the mat--so red M&Ms on the red block, green on the green, etc. For an added challenge, they can also match the numbers above each colored block (2 yellow M&Ms under the 2, for example; for the 0, put down a single green M&M... and then eat it!).

*Note: as great as M&Ms are, you certainly don't have to use them! Cut up some red, yellow, and green red peppers; use sliced bananas and strawberries; grab a handful of blueberries, and more! Any of your favorite snacks in shades of yellow, green, blue, and red will do.

Stay tuned for more fun learning games for toddlers!

I'm always reading about, dreaming up, and planning more fun, educational activities for my kids. Check back often for new ideas! I'm here to help. And in the meantime, click the button below for FREE downloadable activities for your kids! Coloring pages, activity sheets, and workbooks galore, just for you.

With love,

Brittany Plumeri

(Your internet bestie!)


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